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The 2000 Ford Focus Fuses

I have received a few many emails asking me about my door locks on my 2000 Ford Focus and the fuse that seems to have been blown. 

My original story told of how I went to have the dealer replace the fuse as I was unable to find it as specified in the owners manual.  What I didn't say was that I spent a few hours of my own time trying to find this fuse and became frustrated as it just didn't appear where the manual said. 

The manual shows it to be fuse number 63 on the back of the fuse panel.  So to answer the question of where this fuse really is, I went to the dealer and asked the technician who replaced the fuse on my car where he found it and this is what he said.

Focus Fuse Panel Diagram Fuse Panel Numbers

The fuse for the door locks on the Ford Focus is on the back of the fuse panel as stated in the manual.  It is not easy to find as it is hidden within the wiring harness area of the panel.  You have to drop the fuse panel out from the dash in order to get to the back of the panel.  And if you look carefully you will find it.

Now I thought I really looked at the back of the panel carefully and I did not find it, I even removed the door chime module thinking that was it to no avail.  So look carefully and look around the wire harness and it should be visible in some fashion.  You might have to spread the wires a bit to see it, but again I never was able to find it.  

Now the bill for the fuse was $13.00 for me as I had extended warranty on my car so I did not have to pay for the service.  I have been told by another individual with the same problem as I, that it cost him $38.00 to have them replace the fuse.  Considering the hassle it was for me to not find this fuse on my own I opted to take it to the dealer and just replace the whole vehicle, and the problem was solved.

Good luck for those of you willing to take the challenge and find this fuse, and you know, think of this as an Easter egg hunt and you may just get lucky or if nothing else have a lot of fun.


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